fairy tales for grown up

The donkey.

One day a donkey fell into a well and began to yell loudly, calling for help. At his screams, the owner of the donkey came running and spread his hands but for him was impossible to pull the donkey out of the well. And then the owner reasoned like this: "My donkey is already old,… Continue reading The donkey.

fairy tales for grown up

Three frogs.

One day the Teacher asked the disciples: "Three frogs sat on the beam. One of them decided to jump into the water. How many frogs are left on the log? "Three ..." - one of them answered hesitantly. "Of course, three frogs, - the Teacher smiled. - Because the frog just decided to jump but… Continue reading Three frogs.

fairy tales for grown up

The nails.

Once upon a time there was one very quick-tempered and unrestrained young man. One day his father gave him a bag of nails and ordered him every time he did not keep his anger, he has to beat one nail into the fence post. On the first day in the column were several dozen of… Continue reading The nails.



When the beloved, and beautiful wife of the Persian king Darius died, the life stopped for him. The monarch was inconsolable. Democritus promised to bring the deceased back to life if the king will give him everything he needs. Darius gave the order not to spare any money. Then the philosopher noticed that now he… Continue reading Self-pity.

fairy tales for grown up

The potatoes.

The disciple asked the teacher: "You are so wise." You are always in a good mood, never angry. Help me to be like that. The teacher agreed and asked the pupil to bring some potatoes and a transparent bag. "If you get angry with someone and harbor resentment," the teacher said, "then take one of… Continue reading The potatoes.

fairy tales for grown up

Go ahead!

There once lived a woodcutter, who was in a very distressed situation. He existed on insignificant sums of money, earned for firewood, which he brought to the city on himself from the nearest forest. One day a sage, who was passing along the road, saw him at work and advised him to go further into… Continue reading Go ahead!

fairy tales for grown up

Money can not buy happiness.

The disciple asked the Master: "How true are the words that happiness is not in money?" He replied that they are completely faithful. And to prove it is simple; _ You can buy a bed for money, but not a dream. _ Food, but not appetite. _ Medicines, but not health. _ Servants, but not… Continue reading Money can not buy happiness.

from a psychological point of view, who is in control of your life


Pity is, at first glance, a very good and necessary quality of a person. This ability to treat others with understanding, with sympathy, a desire to support in a difficult moment. Pity is caused by people who have fallen into various everyday worries, homeless people, invalids, street beggars. We regret our children, aged parents, relatives… Continue reading Pity.

fairy tales for grown up

Most valuable.

One man in childhood was very close to his old neighbor. But the time passed, there has been the school and hobbies, then work and personal life. Every minute the young man was busy, and he did not have time to recall the past or even to stay with friends. Once he heard that the… Continue reading Most valuable.

fairy tales for grown up

The dream.

In one poor village was born a boy. He spent his days senselessly, mechanically and monotonously, as well as the rest of the inhabitants of this dying little village, not knowing what to do with one's own life. In one fine night, he dreamed of the sea. None of the villagers have ever seen the… Continue reading The dream.

fairy tales for grown up

What is better…

One woman complained to a neighbor about a friend who had offended her. The neighbor reassured her and persuaded her to forgive her friend. "Forgive her?" But how is it? After what she did to me? She's so mean! No, I cannot forgive evil, - said the woman. - And anyway, why should I love… Continue reading What is better…

from a psychological point of view, who is in control of your life


Many years ago, the Devil decided to boast and put on public display all the tools of his craft. He neatly folded them in a glass display case and attached labels to them, so that everyone knew what it was and what the cost of each of them was. What a collection it was! There… Continue reading Despair.

fairy tales for grown up

The payment.

Early in the morning, when the Master was walking with his disciples in the garden, a young man approached them. Somewhat embarrassed, he greeted the Master and his disciples, and then asked: "Teacher, I love one girl very much, and our parents do not mind us being married, but I'm overcome by fears and doubts."… Continue reading The payment.

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Humility and Pride.

  The word "humility" comes from the Latin humilitas (humus), which means "fertile land" or simply "earth". Anthony of Sourozh clearly defined the essence of this word: "And if you take the earth as a parable, then it lies silent, open under the sky ... And the seed she takes, and the manure and everything… Continue reading Humility and Pride.

fairy tales for grown up

The difference.

One Zen master was asked: "What did you usually did before you became enlightened?" "I used to cut wood and carry water from a well." - said he. Then he was asked: "And now, when you have become enlightened, what are you doing?" "What else can I do? I cut wood and carry water from… Continue reading The difference.