fairy tales for grown up

Parable of 1000 Balls


A few weeks ago I prepared my coffee, took the morning paper and sat down to listen to the radio. Switching the channels of the radio station, I suddenly stopped my attention on the velvet voice of an old man. He said something about “a thousand balls.” I became interested, made a louder sound and leaned back in my chair.

“Well,” said the old man, “I bet you are very busy at work. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow…
And let them pay you a lot. But for this money, they buy your life.

Think, you do not spend this time with your loved ones. I can not believe that you need to work all this time to make ends meet. You work to satisfy your desires. But know that this is a vicious circle – the more money, the more you want and the more you work to get even more.

You need to be able to ask yourself at one point:
– Do I really need this or that thing, such as a new car? And for this, you are ready to skip the first dance performance of your daughter or your son’s sports competition?
Let me tell you something that really helped me to save and remember what is important in my life.”

And he began to explain his theory of “thousands of balls”.

“Look, one day I sat down and counted.” The average person lives 75 years. I know some live less, others more..But they live about 75 years. Now I multiply by 75 (by the number of Sundays in a year) and it turns out 3900 – there are so many Sundays in your life. When I thought about it, I was fifty-five. This meant that I had already lived about 2900 Sundays. And I only had 1000 left.
So I went to the toy store and bought 1000 small plastic balls. I put them all in one transparent jar. After this every Sunday I took out and threw out one ball. And I noticed that when I did this and saw that the number of balls is decreasing, I began to pay more attention to the true values of this life.
There are no stronger means than to watch how the number of days you have given is reduced! Now, listen to the last thought that I would like to share with you today, before hugging my beloved wife and going out with her for a walk.

This morning, I pulled the last ball out of my jar …
Therefore, every subsequent day is a gift for me. I accept it with gratitude and I give warmth and joy to my loved ones. You know, I believe that this is the only way to live life. I do not regret anything. It was nice talking to you, but I need to hurry to my family. I hope we’ll hear more!”

I thought about it. There really was something to think about. I was planning to go off to work today for a short time – it was necessary to do the project. And then I was planing with my colleagues to go to the club. Instead of all this, I went upstairs and woke my wife with a tender kiss.

“Wake up, honey.” Let’s go with the children for a picnic.

– What happened dear?

– Nothing special, I just realized that we have not spent a weekend together. And yet, let’s go to the toy store. I need to buy some plastic balls …

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