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The 7 colors of the spectrum

According to the ideas of many esotericists: a person in the form in which he realizes himself, feels… represents only a “part” of his own structure. It is the Lower Self. A person consists of four lower bodies; the Physical, the Etheric, the Astral and the Mental. All the processes that occur on this territory, a person is fully capable of tracking, understanding or feeling. It is the memory and experience of only this “today’s” life.

The Higher Self is the territory of the soul, immortal part of a person, which passes from incarnation to incarnation, preserving the experience and knowledge of all lives without exception. This “part” is rarely recognized by the person himself in everyday life.

For the Lower Self – our personality – we can identify a kind of evolutionary steps to the amount of 7. Each step for easier perception can be designated by a color of the spectrum, from red to purple. The red part of the spectrum is the densest and with it, development begins.

Our Lower Self is, in fact, our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts, our mind. If the Higher Self is reborn from life to life, evolving from life to life, then the Lower Self (body, the body of emotions, mind) evolves only within the framework of one life. After our physical death, it is clear that the physical body dies, then the etheric body, and after the astral and metal bodies.

The Lower self of man begins his journey within the framework of one, new life, from the red level (except for people of the level of the savior). During development, a person steps from step to step, gradually approaching the level of his Higher Self. The Lower self is born on the very first level. At some point, a reunion takes place, the acquisition of integrity. And from that moment a person begins to fully realize his tasks at this level of development of the Higher Self. About him then one can say – he found himself, got his Destination, realizes the Mission. He becomes holistic, complete and truly happy as if returning to his home.

The higher the level of our Higher Self, the faster our Lower Self will evolve. Especially in the current Age of Aquarius, this is felt quite brightly, regardless of age. This is due to the fact that ancient souls come, who have a high level of spiritual development for the Higher Self, that’s why they develop very quickly in the Lower Self. You can observe developed children, young people who start to develop early and help others in this. Many have a good contact with the universal consciousness, they catch information with intuition, have an energetic vision. That is, the workings of past incarnations begin to “unpack” at an early age and are activated, respectively, the lower self is evolving, trying to approach the level of the higher self.

1. Red level

The youngest souls do not yet realize their Higher Self and possess a Red level of spiritual development. These are the ones whose Spirit has evolved relatively recently, having come out of the animal’s level and having received its individuality. Their main task – survival, the main feature – the desire to be like everyone else. Such people have a reasonably inert mind, they are conservative, as a result of which they are easily manageable. Not easily they will change habits, glances, food preferences etc. The adult person living on the “red” level will be very cautious, attentive to the world, incredulous, for them is important to be in the crowd, in a flock, inconspicuous among others like themselves. The concepts of creativity and freedom cause them the fear of losing stability.

Many of the “red” ones, make stocks for a “rainy day”. Not wanting to move around and afraid to change their lives and watching the passions of life from a safe distance. As for moral guidelines, for them are quite sufficient the commandments of Moses. To a further, more complex movement of thought, the mind, and soul of the Red are almost incapable. But the Reds are very strong – they give their physical strength to the world. The strong thing that the red level possesses is their physical body, physical strength, ability to survive, to orientate well in matters of war, life, death, birth, physical health.


All, except for people with the Higher; Blue and Violet levels, the evolution of the Lower Self begins with the Red level.

To be continued..

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