fairy tales for grown up

The Book of Destinies

One day a man appeared before the Creator and asked Him:

– Is it true that the life of every person is predetermined by fate, and this fate is written in the Book of Judgments well before the birth of the person himself?

“At birth, I present the Gift to every person,” the Creator replied, “and you, the mortals, call this Gift.” My Gift, like a shield, protects a person. First of all from yourself.

“So,” said the man, “does the Book of Destinies really exist?”

The Creator nodded, extracted from the nonexistence of the Book and gave it to man.

– Is it possible that all human destinies can fit in this book? The man was surprised at the small size of the Book.

“Much more,” the Creator authoritatively stated.

The man at random opened the Book and began to read.

“So everything was meaningless,” the man finally said, “all fears and joys, all hopes, doubts and goals, all life is just someone’s destiny. The book of destinies

The man closed the Book.

– What for? – he asked.

“A man grows out of his Fate, and one day does not fit in it,” the Creator replied. – So the child suddenly notices that the old baby cot does not hold his extended body, so the flower tears the bone shell of the seed in its unconscious desire for the sun, so the winter dissolves in a longer day, not having time to build up its ice body in a short night.

– And what happens to the person afterwards? The man asked.

“Open the Book and read,” said the Creator.

The man opened the book and saw a description of his entire life. He began flipping through the pages. Everything was recorded here! He leafed through, and flipped through, and flipped through … And, finally, he reached the last page, where the letters appearing from nowhere formed a sentence: “He looked at the letters emerging from nowhere that made up the proposal …”

“Does this book write down my destiny?” The man asked.

– Yes, the Creator answered, but you create your destiny – you.

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