from a spiritual point of view

The 7 colors of the spectrum

2. Orange level

If the soul worked faithfully, served on the red level, then it goes to the orange level. People here are similar to teenage children. This is a rush, courage, thirst for adventure. The essence of the stage is to study the world, to enjoy, to take everything from life. Those who are inclined to actively study the world around and even more actively consume its benefits are in the Orange level of spiritual growth. Even in a relationship with God, they continue to be guided by the principle of comfort, choosing those religious directions and principles that prohibit less, but allow “more and more”. Sometimes such people may even bump into polytheism, searching for the most convenient versions of the gods.

It was the orange people who decided to open up new things, invent ideas and trends in the art world, they are not afraid to take risks, they relate to life easily, flit from work to work, from relationships to relationships. And it is desirable that there is no autumn and winter, one summer.

Orange categorically lacks concentration and perseverance. They are able to generate great ideas and at first, even fixated with them, but as soon as the period of acute enthusiasm passes, they can not bring themselves to bring the project to the end. It is unlikely that any of them will have the patience and the responsibility to finish what they started. They flee from the ordinary to the side of new adventures. You can say that their life is monotonous to the point of monotony. No stability, definite in the material plan. These are typical “beginners” and “sprinters”. It is long and methodical to deal with one thing – not for Orange, because “life is short and you have to try everything.” Unfortunately, being slaves of various entertainments, they do not know how to make themselves “interesting” and are waiting for them to be entertained. Otherwise, people with Orange level of spiritual growth became languid, bored, sometimes even get stuck in depression and addictions with all the consequences that follow.

Another distinguishing feature of the Orange – for them everywhere there is a freebie. Money, blessings, easily get the “orange”. Constant easy extraction, luck and the ability to be in the right place at the right time – and this make them the object of envy and anger for red or yellow (such conversations in ladies’ society like; she does nothing, she has not worked a day, she is stupid as a basket, but she has money, a house, her husband is caring) To compare or condemn people is pointless: everyone has a level, a task, a destiny.

The universe allows everyone to go through this stage of development (or stay on it – if it corresponds to the potential of the Higher Self) and in every possible way cares about the “Orange Babe” through helpful relatives and generous friends, unexpected profits, and gifts, help. But if the level of the Higher Self is above the orange, the Universe will sooner or later deprive the man of the Orange freebie, forcing the Lower Self to evolve further.

To be continued..


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