from a spiritual point of view

The 7 colors of the spectrum

3. Yellow level

They rule the world. The main essence is the manifestation of the will, practically life on the energies of the 3rd chakra.

People of the “yellow” level of spiritual development. What are they? Ambitious, vain, assertive, strong-willed and purposeful. A typical example of elaborated “yellow” is a successful businessman, politician, speaker, artist, athlete. Keywords – career, status, influence, intellect, self-discipline.
The “yellow” very carefully study the ways of influencing the world, for them all life is a vertical movement in the earthly sense, although if we take it more broadly, within the framework of spiritual development, this movement is horizontal.
Once set a goal, will achieve it in all possible ways. Obstacles and difficulties do not frighten them, rather they spur them on. They clearly know what they want, plan well, set deadlines, distribute tasks to subordinates. Workaholic to the core.
At this level, the ego is greatly inflated. For the “yellow” is an important sense of self-importance and uniqueness. Of great importance for them is the status and position in society, the impression that they produce on the surrounding people.
Their vocabulary abounds with the words “professionalism”, “efficiency”, “success”, “reputation”, “image”. They sincerely believe that they control the world and only on them the outcome of the started business depends. It is about very strong control and very little confidence in the higher forces, and life in general.

There is no God, no higher mind, only man! The imagine of God is used with the intention to achieve more benefits. Many “yellow” sincerely believe that this is the only possible and correct form of existence. It is very important for such people to give their children a good start, then; diplomas, connections, money, prestigious things that emphasize the status.

It is not superfluous to say that such a world outlook of the “yellow” in addition to external success awards you with a rather uncomfortable inner state: a constant concern for your image, the duty to meet certain standards, fear of not being at the height, fear of losing influence and power, the need to be constantly competitive and in-demand.
A large number of people live at this level and do not think to leave it. However, there are those who “life in the image” and the eternal pursuit of success begin to weigh down. And then higher forces come to their aid. And at first carefully, and then more severely begin to guide them to the next level of spiritual development preventing the risks of self-destruction.

To be continued..

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