fairy tales for grown up

The dog and the nail

Once a man walked past one house and saw an old woman sitting on a chair, next to her was a husband with a newspaper. On the porch lay a dog with a piteous look and whined, as if from pain.

The next day the man again walked past this house and saw the elderly couple and the dog. Everything was the same as yesterday, and the dog made the same mournful sound.

The passer-by decided that if tomorrow the picture does not change, he will ask about the dog – why it whines.

On the third day, when he saw the same scene, he asked the old woman:

“Excuse me, why does your dog whine so piteously?”

“Because it’s lying on the nail,” the old woman answered.

Confused, the man asked:

“If it’s lying on a nail and it hurts, why does it just don’t get up?”

The old woman smiled.

“Ho, darling, it hurts much enough to whine, but not enough to budge.”

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