who is in control of your life

Who are you?

Coming on this world we don’t have any instructions how to live or to be more precise we forgot how to have access to them.

So it seems that from the birth we are taught how to live, behave, think, expect…

Family, school, college, society, religion. All feel obliged or entitled to make there contribution to our “education”.

We try to live as we have been taught, at least a big part of us, but obviously, something’s wrong because the feeling of being lost and afraid doesn’t leave us, rather the opposite with time goes on it becomes more alarming and suffocating.


So many of our “problems” have their start not less than in the womb. Everything that happens outside is reflected and have a direct impact on the development of the future child.

All experiences, stress, aggression, depression, fears, all the negative as well as positive emotions are stored in our mental field. And as a consequence they will play an important role in our emotional development, not forgetting the DNA imprint of our past selves.

Coming in this life, a grand part of us are full of complexes and different issues. After many emotions coming into the world and then an unexpected number of invasive and forced attacks from all sides, an unknown number of foreign substances in the form of medicines, vaccines, supplements, and who knows what else… Here we are, to start our new beginning o rather remodeling to the existing standards.

Have ever occurred to anyone the fact that each individual is special, different from the others, with their definite life purpose?


Of course, they had and that is the main reason of remodeling. Controlling a herd is much easier.

Grand part of our despair, unhappiness, fears, stress, sense of loss that we feel is because we not living our own lives, but the one that we’ve been taught to live.

We live to fulfill someone else expectation. The ironic and more sadly part of all this is that we are so busy to succeed, worried to disappoint the loved ones or our own proud that we have no time to ask ourselves ” Is this really what I want? Is this the life that I want?”

A lot of us coming to ask themselves this question when they have no alternatives like an illness, lost, when is a bit too late.
Other never find the courage to do that.


If your time came.. at that point of your life is not so important ” who” started your breaking down; you, family, society, religion. Now your major mission is to find your connection with “you” the real one.

The one that you lost a long time ago in your early years. When you still were in contact with your nature, following only your intuition, your consciousness. When you were feeling free, not lost without roots. Unfortunate this cycle of your life not lasted long enough to leave a real impact for the future.

Our leading instinct is the one to survive, so we started to learn how to do it in the ambient where we find ourselves, modifying in continue just to feet in, to feel part of something, to complete all those several expectations. Grand part of which are not ours.

But what your expectation is? Who are you?

You and only you is your world, the center, and creator of your universe. Have a look beyond the facade, inside your soul, your mind. All that you need are in there.

The source of our power rest inside us. It has nothing to do with outside world. We all are different, and the potency of our power is depending on our spiritual growth, the consciousness.

That fact that our life is depending on our spiritual growth have a very little to do with the religion but with living our lives in compliance with the universal laws.

Yes, our world has his own laws, a bit differently from the universal one, imposed by religion and society in which we find trapped ourselves and that not always are for our benefits.

One of the first and more important lessons that we need to learn is ” Respect” and it goes always hand in hand with “Love”. The majority of us think that they had very well mastered this lesson. That they know exactly when and how to show respect, not to mentioning love… All experts.


Ask yourself why do respect goes handle with love?

Maybe because without love cannot be sincere respect. Appreciation, gratitude, admiration… Certainly.

Respect, on the other hand, is full acceptance of the other, and it comes conscious or often unconscious. This feel naturally like breathing when is love involved, a real love. Respect and love for your parents, family, nature, all God’s creatures… You in a certain way have been taught.

This is good, really admirable. It’s just with all this, no one tells that respect and love starts within ourselves.
It’s not possible to really give something that you don’t have and don’t know. This is the beginning of a long road of suffering. Manipulating and distorting ourselves.

Love is the most important laws in the universe, and the main quality of the soul-consciousness (if you believe in it) or our being (if you do not).

Religion presents it as ” love a neighbor as yourself “.

Do you love yourself? Sincerely?

How do you do that, when you have no idea who you really are? When all your life, you passed changing a mask after another trying to answer the miles’ expectations from loved ones, society, religion.. your pet.

Who are “You”? The real one, the one track of which you lost a long time ago when you were still a child…

Try to be honest with yourself and explain how you can love and respect others when you are incapable of proving this to yourself.

In the end who in particular do you expect the others should love and respect when even you have no idea who you really are.


Changing mask in continue is very exhausting and one day you can get confused. This is a job that with the passing of time becomes more difficult and stressful. And with that, a lot of fears, that only sometimes were bothering you before are starting to become more insistent.

With that, you starting to lose control. To be more precisely your illusion of control.

Would you want to know how is the reaction of those that reached this point in their lives?

It’s well known that we don’t like changes. So the majority trying to carry on in their play, till they are left with no force to put on the mask. They will never admit that the fault is theirs. For them, there will always be someone or something to blame. And they life usually have a tragic final.

Other begin to pray to all Gods and Goddess waiting for a miracle, but meanwhile, they personally are doing nothing to improve the situation, forgetting that God prefers actions, not words.

Just a few of them take actions after realizing that the “problem” are “they”. So taking all the courage that they have been left, they leave for this new journey exploring their entire life.



2 thoughts on “Who are you?”

    1. Most people are too busy these days, so they don’t use to stop, even for a moment a to have a look at their life and mostly questioning it…
      A provocation sometimes can help.


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