from a spiritual point of view

The 7 colors of the spectrum

4. Green level

Green “level is the level of ego crush. When a person becomes better…it’s not he, who is important, but what he does.
At this level, one begins to ask questions: “Who am I really and why did I come to this world?”.
It is here that the topic of serving, be useful, appears. Changes the value system, the idea of the world order, and life in general. Personal interests, benefits, and ambitions go to the background, the main thing is the fulfillment of one’s destiny. Illusions are broken, stereotypes collapse, lies are exposed. The voice of the Soul becomes louder. The ego is gradually silent. The search for the real, real relationship, a real business, begins.

At the “green” level, control goes away, trust in the universe appears, the feeling that everything is going on as it should. People of the first three levels of spiritual development (“red”, “orange”, “yellow”) come to this world in order to work out their own tasks so-called lessons. The task of people, beginning with the “green” level, is to awaken other people and change the world around them.
The “green” level is divided into three parts.
In the first part: people are still quite “yellow”, they learn to humble their ego and obey the will of God.
Then follows “point zero”. The “point zero” is a period of lessons, without which a person can not move further along his path. We in fact so often complain about higher forces that we say they are stingy and do not give us what we ask for. But in fact, it is not the higher powers that are stingy. We are not able to accept what they send us, because of our fears, illusions, limiting beliefs, dependencies. Therefore, at the “zero point” a person is taken away from everything that he is strongly attached to or associated with, leaving him only the most necessary. Old ties are breaking, people are leaving, work is falling off. If the status of a businessman is important to you, then, most likely, your business will collapse. If you can not live without your beloved man, they will take this man (and not necessarily in another world, he can just go to another woman).
At this stage a person learns to live without fear of loneliness, without fear of being left without money, without fear of “losing face”, being rejected, being ridiculous, being strange. Image, reputation, brands, show-ups and other dregs go away as unnecessary. And in place comes the inner freedom from any stereotypes and opinions, the realization of one’s own destiny and the meaning of life, the desire to follow one’s own path, the feeling of security and the all-around support of the higher forces.
It is at this stage that a new life strategy is developed. There is no thoughtless race for achievements, there is no goal-setting and strict adherence to the appointed plan. There is no screaming ego, but there is a quiet voice of the soul. Suddenly there is a feeling that there is someone more wise and strong who directs and enlightens you. And you just have to relax, listen to the voice of your higher self, follow him and trust him.

The “point zero” is the passage of unlearned lessons. This is all that hampered us, stopped us, limited us. God is one, there are no boundaries and divisions in religion. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and so on. All this is God, the Supreme Light Power. But the “green” level is still observant, perceiving. He observes and finds revelations.

“Green” does not teach life, does not force itself to hear, does not incline all and everyone to faith. He can only answer for himself, and sometimes it happens that by his fortune he inspires others for development. Green works on the Universe, from it, goes heat, the light goes, the wisdom goes. Its task is to convert people of other levels to the side of spiritual values.

To be continued..

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