who is in control of your life

What is important?

The bad as a good thing happening in our lives.
If you are tired to live crawling than try to stand up and have a look around. Admire yourself, the environment, your progress (if what you see can be called progress). Otherwise have a look for what you have exchanged your freedom, ideas, dreams, health, cheerfulness…your soul.

Did really all that you have accumulated was worth all your sacrifices?
And the most important “Who personally asked those sacrifices?”

Have a look at all your life, don’t be afraid. At the end of your journey, nothing of all those will really matter. Apart what you can take with you.

So… What is your treasure?
What is your proud?
What is your torment?

Look at yourself, at all your life, analyzing it without fear and subterfuges, and no shortcuts. Do not be afraid. Fear is a huge force and does not always work for your benefits. Fear has a tremendous power of management and control over people. That’s why people have invented it, to control others.

What we can be afraid of when in our power is only the right to choose “to play this game called life or not”, nothing else. Everything else is just the circumstances created to help us along the way.

Fear of what? Losses? To get sick? Die? Not be worthy?

Nothing is in your control, don’t flatter yourself. It wasn’t you that decided when and in which circumstances to came in this world. And won’t be you deciding when and how to leave it. You have the power to decide what to do with the moment, you have only it.

Realizing that nothing is beyond our control, we realize that control over something is an illusion. Yes, we can force ourselves or others with willpower or different compulsions. But since this is a mockery of human nature, this does not work successfully for a long time and always it has its unpleasant consequences.

Your power is changing the circumstances of your life; going up or down of the scale of the spiritual growth. Changing your consciousness you can change your reality. Changing it in better o in worse, that is in your power.

You do not owe anything to anyone except yourself. You are here to pass your own lessons and not someone else’s.

Accepting yourself, respecting yourself, knowing yourself, falling in love with yourself, you automatically manifest the same feelings and attitude to everything around you. This is the secret of self-knowledge and the key to peace in harmony in your life.

Everything is just a circumstance created to help us along the way., and everything can end at any moment. We are here temporarily. We come with nothing, apart accumulated experience and unpaid debts and we leave in the same way.

Someone in a better position, others in a worse. Somebody loses their selves and somebody gets stuck here for a long time, but this is another story.

All your possession, the material thing, have nothing to do with the real you. Of course, we live in a kind of material world, and our body needs it. But your soul cannot care less about it. Look around, how would you feel without many of your favorite things?

Could you survive without?

Our world is amazing or it can be, but if our being here and our only purpose was only to enjoy the life then, we must not die. We have to be eternal. Certainly, enjoyment is an important part of our journey here, but not the only part. Taking into consideration that a lot of mankind have a really strange understanding of enjoying life, violating all the possible laws of the universe.

So if you just think that you are not eternal here, you will not take anything with you and everything can end at any moment.
Then why do you do this to yourself?
Wasting your precious time, in most cases, for the accumulation of unnecessary material wealth?
A lot of you will use the excuse of their children to explain the took decisions.

It’s not working because to them are applied the same laws. Besides that, it may be more important for your child to have parents who spend quality time with him and not somewhere accumulating wealthy for his future. If a child has a reliable base foundation, then he is not in danger. Teaching him the unwritten laws of life the parents help him to build it. Learn to understand and overcome your fears will solve 50% of your problems, finding yourself and falling in love with, all 100%.

Loving yourself has nothing to do with selfishness, pride or arrogance. When someone really knew himself, his soul, his mind, his inner world, then he will find grace. He will be in harmony with himself and with everyone around him. And the first realization will be that he is a part of everything and at the same time special and individual, like everyone around him.

Having a full comprehension of the fact that all that is sent to him is only for his benefit, everything will serve for his development and spiritual growth. And more importantly, that no one is better or worse than him, all are just different, passing their own self-development.
Mistaken sometimes. All of us can make a mistake. Perfection doesn’t exist. Whatsoever we constantly are in search of it and some of us trying to achieve it in a way.

The state in which “nothing will touch you” is not so easy to achieve because we are in an originally envisaged the duality of the world (bad and good, light and dark, mind and soul etc.)

To be offended, to demand, to teach, to blame, to be irritated, to hate, to regret, to use, to be jealous…and many other negative feelings simply just dissolve.

This does not mean that all feeling will disappear.
For sure remains; understanding, curiosity, perseverance, kindness, solidarity, support, reconciliation, longing, love …and much more. The ones that, does not bite, that allows us to be always relaxed, laugh from the heart with tears, to cry of happiness not of hurt, really enjoy life.
And if you want to yell, do it for God’s sake, express yourself, because you do not have any “poisons” in you, and you are not going to hurt yourself or others. It is really important which kind of energy we accompanying all our actions.

If you feel that you are one of the most amazing and good-hearted people that you know and are surrounded by; unworthy, underdeveloped, bad, irritable, calculating, disrespectful individuals…Then there is a big discrepancy between your perception of the world and the real one.

We are a reflection of our world. What you give to the world, the world gives you back.

Someone said that what we see in others is ours … And what they see in us is theirs.

The reality is that you can never know how good or bad someone can be. Most of the times our behave remains an enigma for our own self. How can we judge someone else? We can know them superficially, but not what’s going dip inside there minds and souls. And measuring all with the same measure is not helping in making an authentic and trustful opinion about someone. Plus the DNA imprint of our past selves.

Not that bad things never happen to good people. Certainly, they do. But, this is the consequences of a lot of bad taking decision from their side.
No first and even second “turned from the right path” is converted into a real tragedy…
Sometimes is a long list of small advertence before that. A real tragedy is nearly the last on this list of emergency.

Taking consciousness of your own life, you realize that you are a small part of some huge world. With there unwritten laws and rules of conduct. And if you follow them then you will not meet unpleasant surprises on your way. And that all the others are just like you. They trying as a blind kitten to follow their paths, with their barriers and difficulties, with some rewards or punishments. So respect them for their courage and wisdom and be grateful to them for their “gifts” to you.

With a proper self-consciousness, wisdom, modesty and humility and a lot of love are not so difficult to achieve it.


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