from a scientific point of view

Did the science finally has reviled God?

In his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved that when you come right down to it everything in the universe is energy. Both in the physical plane of our reality of matter and the abstract reality of our mind, is made up of energy patterns. The concept of a universal energy flow is not a new one. The ancient Chinese called this flow chi; the ancient Hindus called it prana.

Everything in the universe operates on sets of universal laws or principles. The laws cannot be broken and are always in effect no matter where you are. They are not only physical but also spiritual and involves intangible proprieties.

The more scientists study the laws at a quantum level the more they are convinced of an intelligent designer.

Albert Einstein said; ” Everyone that is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convince that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe”.

We live in a multiverse, endless dimension of reality. We are constantly going in and out of this different reality based on the frequency of our vibration. Each reality looks slightly different from the other. We are transiting so fast from one parallel reality to another that we, in a majority of the cases, cannot tell consciously that is happening.

If you are attuned to a certain frequency you are predisposed to encounter and attract all the situation and people that are attuned to the same frequency as you. There can be no other way. The reality is always changing and molding based on the frequency we are emitting.

But is in our power to can change our frequency and broadcast a brand new reality.

The thought we think and the mental movies that we set in our mind place a huge role on which frequency and reality we get.

There was said that human consciousness is connected to the “fabric of reality. What we think affects how we feel, and our feelings are a precise indicator of what frequency we are on and what we attract in our life. What we think about we bring about. Our thought becoming things, reality.

So often we ask how to change our life? How to change our frequency to attract the things that we want in our life?

Science is now providing how the belief system affects our reality.

Previously science was affirming that the world we live in is objectively real. That exists as a separate entity regardless of our connection to it.

This was the Materialistic point of view of many scientists till the 20th century.

With the progress in the composition of atoms research, it was discovered that the previous laws describing the behavior of atoms no longer applied to subatomic studies. Physical definitions and common sense theories cannot explain the responses of these particles.

According to our best theories of physics, the fundamental building blocks of matter are not particles, but continuous fluid-like substances known as quantum fields.

Quantum physics, that supports the theory of the grand unified field, pointing at the fact that everything in the universe is connected. When atoms are broken down, quarks and electrons are discovered and with these particles pure energy, which cannot be physically measurable.

Quantum scientists have discovered that energy has his own intelligence and responds in a non-physical and non-common sense.

Quantum physics recognize that everything in the universe exists at the same note, all having the commonality of pure authentic energy.

By spiritualists, this energy is known as the consciousness of God. Therefore, all that surrounds us, including ourselves, are all made automatically out of the same stuff. In spiritual terms, this is a confirmation that God is everywhere and exist in all things.

In science terms, this is linked as a grand unified field. This unification means that any aspects of our energy affect the energy that surrounds us. As humans, we all have our separate consciousness that is definitely unique but at the same time we also are linked to the consciousness of the entire universe. We are connected to everything. In essence, every human experience a reality of being the center of their universe. Everything we believe and think not only govern our behavior but affects our entire life creating our universe, the world we experience. We actually continually modifying our lives and everything in it via our thought and the beliefs we have about ourselves and life in general.

We have always been doing this, obviously much of the times instinctively, without realizing that we actually were doing it. Our consciousness literally draws real and solid things from the multiple possibilities involved in our entire existence.

Quantum scientists have conducted measurable experiments as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. In this interpretation of quantum physics, the quantum wave function collapses due to a conscious observer making a measurement of a physical system. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, physical systems generally do not have definite properties prior to being measured, and quantum mechanics can only predict the probabilities that measurements will produce certain results. The act of measurement affects the system, causing the set of probabilities to reduce to only one of the possible values immediately after the measurement.

Never before was it possible to prove the theory that consciousness creates reality.

But this is not the only opinion, another one is that we don’t create reality, we rediscover it. Our mind does not create reality it only participates in it.

We are not the architect, we just have the ability to change the structure matter of the world with mental processes. We just use our free will to participate in what the outcome will be; a wave or a particle result but we do not get to choose the specifics.

So the evidence suggests we are just lesser minds dependent on a larger one, that is actually in control of the structure of our experience.

Space and matter are the illusions of our consciousness observation. The physics shows us the existence of the physical world is created by our observation of it, and it doesn’t exist other than that.

So if we are a lesser mind depending on a larger mind than our consciousness (Soul) is a small part of the universal consciousness (God).

This means that what the physics world show to us is how God wants it to be shown to us. And this is directly connected with our level of consciousness. God is in a sense observing us having an experience. And apart from our experience, there is nothing to be observed as it exists in a state of a wave function. He is not separated from us as our consciousness is depending on his.

So maybe finally science has reviled God and with it has buried Materialism.

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