from a spiritual point of view

The 7 colors of the spectrum

5. Turquoise level

The “turquoise” people are considered God’s “right hand” on earth. Knowledge and skills are acquired quite easily and quickly. The person is empowered to transform the surrounding space, making it more and more close to God and light.
“Turquoise” is a very strong catalyst for events. Where he appears, life begins. Everything changes very quickly; world outlook, changes in personal and social life. They help other souls to evolve, develop, create, become free and happy.

Opportunities – material and more “subtle” – in life are always provided and in the right amount. The universe seems to supply the “turquoise” with all the necessary tools for work. A person can be in the center of attention, have fame or glory, can be in the shadow of another person, have no special capital and investments. The main thing is that a person learns to act on the basis of the tasks that the spirit dictates him. Personal desires will become absolutely inseparable from the Higher Self on a turquoise level.

Representatives of the turquoise level have the concept of God, but there is not a concept of religion.

To be continued..

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