from a spiritual point of view

The 7 colors of the spectrum

6. Blue level

A vivid example of a person with a blue level of spiritual development is Dalai Lama. Usually, the Lower Self begins its growth not from the red level, as it is for everyone else, but from higher ones, for example, from yellow ones.

The “blue” has learned the secrets of his self, he has tracked the cause-effect relationships. Society find the “blue” incomprehensible and in society is almost not represented. He is always meditative, immersed in his space, does not fuss and does not ask questions. It seems that he is either completely enlightened or crazy. And people always react very sharply to the appearance of such a character in their circle. Many manifest aggression, impatience, or lenient condemnation towards them.

Such people often choose their home places away from civilization. This is an attempt to understand their feelings and guesses about the universe. This is a study of other energy plans, a journey through past lives.

At this stage, man always knows solitude. There are no special annoying factors from the outside world, distracting the “blue” from their search for truth. Or rather not even a search, but a realization of this truth.

“Blue” tries to respond to requests and entreaties about the help of others, but only in a few other ways. It can be healing, clairvoyance, or something else. It is required of him not only to accept God but also to assume His role in the world of people, that is, to become the vehicle of His will for the purpose of changing and evolving the world.

It is difficult to describe the life and foundations of the “blue” in this way, as they are rarely seen among the crowd.

To be continued..


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