fairy tales for grown up

The Padishah and the beggar

A beggar was sitting by the roadside. Without a hat, without a shirt, without shoes. The hot sun baked his head hard. Flies clothed his face and body. He was groaning from strong and painful bites.

At that moment an important Padishah was passing by, in the carriage accompanied by a large detachment of armed guards. He saw the beggar’s and stopped near him regretting the miserable creature. Arrogant and harsh, he said:

– I’m in a good mood today. I am very kind today. Ask me for whatever you want. I will do everything! Any request I will fulfill! Everything in this world is subject to me! Everyone is afraid of me!

The beggar, exhausted from the annoying flies and heat, bent before the Padishah to the ground and groaned, pleading:

– For the sake of Allah! Save me from flies! Tell them to fly away from here soon! I’m dying!

The important padishah shrugged his shoulders:

– No! Flies do not obey me! I can not drive the flies away!

Whit this the important padishah left with his retinue. And the beggar remained to sit at the road, covered with flocks of flies from head to foot.

Immediately to the beggar ran from all sides, people:

“Oh, the lucky one!” Probably, the padishah helped you to become a rich man!

The beggar frowned and waved his hand:

“I did not know that the Padishah was so impotent!” He even could not save me from flies! But weaker than flies aren’t creatures in the world!

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