from a spiritual point of view

The 7 colors of the spectrum

7. Purple level

It is very difficult to say anything definite about these people. There is an opinion that the last person who reached such a level of personal development, lived on Earth about two thousand years ago. His name was Jesus Christ. Those who are no longer incarnate. Level savior. This is the last stage of the evolution of man, after which his soul no longer needs to incarnate in a dense body. Further, perhaps, another evolution follows.

Such a Being comes into this world in order to move strata in the minds of people, and in the minds of people of all levels down to the conservative Reds. A person of the “violet” level changes the direction of development of entire civilizations, bringing new religions, new philosophical currents to the world.
Anyway, the history of the world is divided into periods before the appearance of such people and after. Perhaps, such Masters of humanity are representatives of the violet level of spiritual development. Any such Teacher is already a connection of Souls. Of course, only the elect can be contacted with purple (on request, according to the research of the structure of the Soul and the Universe), for this, there are such people on earth, experienced Souls, with past life experiences, opportunities for this incarnation…
Such practices are conducted not simply for Himself and on the whim of personality, this is already a service, Mission, life is dedicated to this in one form or another.
To adjust to Teachers, interact energetically, receive prompts, insights, we are also capable – through intuition, through meditation, harmonization, through lucid dreaming, or through dreams in general.

All can create their own destiny by changing their consciousness level.

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