fairy tales for grown up

The lesson

An African master leads a disciple through the jungle.

Although he is quite old, he walks quickly, when his young disciple falls many times. The novice rises, curses, spits on treacherous land and continues to follow his teacher.

After a long journey, they reach the holy place.
Without stopping, the master turns and go back to the beginning of the journey.

“You did not taught me anything today,” the disciple complain after another fall.

“I taught you something, but you did not recognize it, – responded the master. – I’m trying to teach you how to deal with life’s mistakes.”

“And how am I supposed to deal with them?”

“Just as you should have done with these falls,” the master answered. – Instead of damning the place where you fell, you should have tried to figure up what actually made you fall in the first place.”

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