fairy tales for grown up

The master and the warrior

Once a great warrior known to all, came to the master.
The master asked him: “What brought you to me?”
“I came to you to learn wisdom and to know. What is Paradise and what is Hell?”
– And who are you? Asked the master.
“Did not you hear about me, I’m the greatest warrior!”
– You? With the face of a beggar? A great warrior? – the master was surprised.
The warrior’s wrath was so strong that in one movement he drew a sword from his scabbard and, waving, exclaimed:
– How dare you!!! Now you will die for your words!
Master calmly looked into his eyes and said:
“Right now, you’re creating Hell.”
The warrior put his sword in its sheath, bowed to the master and thanked him:
– I understood everything, thanks!
– And now you create Paradise – the master smiled.

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