fairy tales for grown up

The Secret of Happiness


One trader sent his son to seek the secret of happiness from the wisest of all people. The young man walked for forty days through the desert and, at last, went to the beautiful castle on the top of the mountain.
There was living a sage, whom he was looking for.

However, instead of the expected meeting with the holy man, our hero entered the hall, where everything was boiling: merchants came in and out, people were chattering in the corner, a small orchestra played sweet melodies and there was a table lined with the most exquisite dishes of this area.

The wise man talked to different people, and the young man waited for about two hours his turn.
The wise man listened attentively to the explanation of the young man about the purpose of his visit but said in reply that he did not have time to disclose to him the secret of happiness. And he invited him to walk around the palace and come again in two hours.

“However, I want to ask for one favor, – the wise man added, handing the young man a small spoon, into which he dripped two drops of oil:
– During a walk, hold this spoon in your hand so that the oil does not pour out.”

The young man began to climb and descend the palace stairs, not taking his eyes off the spoon. Two hours later he again came to the sage.

“Well, how it went? – He asked. – Did you see the Persian carpets that are in my dining room? Have you seen the park that the chief gardener created for ten years? Did you notice the beautiful parchments in my library?”

The young man in embarrassment had to admit that he had not seen anything. His only concern was not to spill the drops of oil that the sage trusted him.

“Well, go back and get acquainted with the wonders of my universe, – the Sage said to him. – You can not trust a person if you are unfamiliar with the house in which he lives.”

Calmed, the young man took the spoon and again went for a walk around the palace, this time paying attention to all the works of art hung on the walls and ceilings of the palace.

He saw the gardens surrounded by mountains, the most delicate flowers, the refinement with which each of the works of art was placed exactly where it was needed.
Returning to the sage, he described in detail everything he saw.

“And where are those two drops of oil that I trusted you?” – Asked the sage.

The young man, looking at the spoon found that the oil had poured out.

Then the sage confidently told him:
“This is the only advice I can give you: the secret of happiness is to look at all the wonders of the world, never forgetting the two drops of oil in a spoon.”


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