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When did all start?

When did all start?

That fact that all is one and connected in this universe, is well know and has been demonstrated scientifically. And not many will argue with this fact. No matter how loud it is claimed, from someone, the infinite an unconditional love for all God creatures… but for many of us, it is still our own family, we care more.
Even getting married, having children and their new families. Living on the full speed, always in motion, are catching themselves thinking that something doesn’t let them go. And whatever they do, there is always some sort of sadness, emotional heaviness, incompleteness. That does not allow them to live life to the fullest. Whatever they do, that kind of emptiness always takes them back to the environment in which they grew up, brothers, sisters, parents…
This means that they have not passed the first lesson of this embodiment of the Earth, the one that they had with their loved ones.

It is only when we consciously pass this lesson, we easily are able to let them go, leaving the past in the past and start living in the present.

How it’s known, the selected family in which we are born is not accidental, and it all depends on the lessons that we have to pass in order to grow spiritually. And it is interconnected with the lessons that are going through the members of our family.
This was done to maintain our energy balance and even protect. Theoretically, all the conditions have been created for our development.

When we have not passed the first lesson, then in adult life, we will meet a lot of difficulties. After all, we unconsciously copy the behavior of our family combine with our interactions in society. Copying other people’s behaviors, we adopt their belief system as well.

Being born, we take the genetic code of our parents. This was done in order to help us understand each other better. And it worked until recently. But with the development of modern technology, everything has changed. It changed the scale of life values and we found ourselves with a total lack of ideology.
The main point of this horror is that expanding the boundaries of information, people are losing themselves, their genus, individuality. As a result is the lack of respect, and incomprehension of own family and loved ones.

Consequently, the genetic similarity with the parents, in our time is not always in our favor. When the parents see themselves in their children, then for the disorder in the children’s lives, they blame themselves. This creates in them a regret, resentment, and they are even harder trying to change them, to fix. This, in turn, causes negative feelings towards parents from children’s side with the accusation of ruining their life.

Only when, one of the interesting parts will realizing that all this, makes the life miserable for all involved… only then will begin to breathe freely getting rid of the poison, which continued for years to inject to himself, with the negative emotions, and who later poisoned all his existence.

What is your relationship with your parents?

Are you the one that continues to argue proving your point of view, or the one that remains calm and neutral?
Are you still trying to control yourself afraid of some disapproval?

Perhaps, on the contrary, you’re best friends and poorly imagine your life without them. Your mother always listens and understands you, and your father is the friend with who you always have something to discuss. And you do not take an important decision in your life without consulting first your parents.

The answer to this question can be prove the level of your maturity and independence.

The same question can be asked to the parents;
– What is your relationship with your children?
– Why do you think that they are weak and helpless, and could not exist – without your help?
– Why the sensation that you messed up with their lives, that you did not taught them right, that there is something left incomplete doesn’t let you? And you feel your responsibility for what still should be given, told, teach…
– Why growing up children are increasingly demonstrating their disrespect? Building there fence higher and higher that does not allow you to influence their “wrong” lives anymore?

Perhaps you see and hear your children so rarely that sometimes you begin to doubt their love and respect. And then you feel lonely, hurt, and somewhere deep down again this feeling of guilt for not having properly trained them, something missed…

The answer to this question can tell you how co-dependent person you are, a person whose life, emotional equilibrium depends on the extent and success of your influence on the lives of people close to you, your parents or contrary your children. (In this case, but in there place can be your partner, your friends..)

A parent-child relationship is a unique system that has been developed over time. Ideally, these relationships vary from a complete dependence of newborn little creatures to complete independence of an adult from their parents. Relationships with parents are the relationship of a lifetime. Even after the death of the parents, our relationship with them affect us. Our parents are the first people with whom we communicate, and the first stage of life, they make up the whole world for us. That is why all of our future relations with the world, we unconsciously viewed through the prism of relations with parents.

So, look for the “root of all your evils” as a “child in the family”, in the family and in your relationships with loved ones. Remembering that your parents are humans being (souls that pass their lessons) and they make mistakes as well.
If they took consciousness at there time, then you have nothing to worry about. Then they can teach you right how to do it. Otherwise, you will have to learn it by yourself, with your own lessons!

This does not mean that because of that, your parents are more difficult and that you have the right to accuse them, to demand something from them. They’re just doing their job in their best way. Even if you think they do not meet your requirements be grateful for all that you got from them. For all that they did for you. They could have done less, they could have decided not to have you.

You do not know what their lessons are and have forgotten what are yours. A person following the universal lows never would do bad to anyone. A fight never gives a positive result. Any pressure will only aggravate the situation, add a new contradiction, a tangle at the relations even more. To sort things out is a waste of time, and no matter what motivates you: stubbornness, pride, or simply laziness and stupidity. You can convince no one of nothing upon his desire.

The simple reason, sometimes, is that our sensory perceptions and life experiences can lead to limited access and overreaching misinterpretations. How can a person with a limited touch of truth turn that into the one and only version of all reality?

People stubbornly believe in what they feel, know, continuing till the last to deny any other theory, even if there is irrefutable evidence. So do not waste your strength and time! Sometimes in life, you have to be wise and see the invisible for the eyes, feel, and believe in it! If you really care about a person you will find the time and energy to babysit him till he’s ready to accept the changes or a different reality.

People are all unique and their perceptions and there timing are as different as them. And all of them reflect themselves in others.
So they continue to measure others with their own measure, not taking into account that their expectation, value, purpose, consciousness isn’t others.

When someone will understand you if you just look at him, someone else needs to be talked to and at other you have to shout…Everyone understand his language. This is related to their level of self-consciousness.

No matter who takes the first step to a reconciliation and how long lasted a “war” between you. Just stop it, do this first step.
If you experience strong emotions as; irritation, annoyance, anger, pain..then you come across an old emotional trauma, that most of the times have nothing to do with the present situation.

The world is so constituted, that different person will lead occasionally you to get into it. No matter how your mind is trying to defend by a rationalization (“it makes no sense”) or by ignoring the situation, or the tabulation of unpleasant topics, etc. Strictly speaking, the protection does not save you, but only bring more pain, because, despite its “readiness”, we are defenseless before life and those emotions are not beyond the control of reason. They “live” in their own lives, creating a reality in which the person resides.

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