from a spiritual point of view

Hell or Heaven…


Many of us think that if their behaving well or suffering in this life then
after the death of the physical body, a paradise is provided for them.

On the other hand if one have been a bad person then the hell is waiting for him.

I disappoint many saying that this is not quite true.

Our hell and our paradise is in us. This is our life here on earth, and not somewhere in heaven or in dungeon.

Many live their whole life in hell, created by themselves or as
the result is the benevolence of someone else.

Our life is our inner state, a condition that are reflected on all our environment.

We are not punished from the God.

We are born every time to gain a certain experience for our spiritual development and we have assistants that look after our progress, helping us if it’s necessarily.

But since our world is a duality, there are those who do everything to complicate this path, because in comparison it is better is mastered the lessons that we have to pass.

With all this, do not forget that the decision to take this or that path is
always in our power.

So all sorts of cataclysms are not sent to us from Above.

All that happens to us is only the consequence of the laws of this universe. Not making a choice is also a choice.
So whether the hell or the paradise is up to us.

What is then after the death of our present physical body?

The process is the usually.
If our soul for some reason is not stuck here, then it returns to
source to see its growth or the contrary.
The spiritual growth for many are like the “roller coaster”.

From this result of that it will depend the circumstance of its next reincarnation.

This will continue, for la majority, until their reach that level of the
spiritual development that allows them to return home.

But this is another story.

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