fairy tales for grown up

Life moves the sense of gratitude


In a forest grew two trees.

When raindrops fell on the leaves or water was washing the roots of the first tree, it was absorbing just a bit and saying:
“If I take more then what remains to the others?”

The second tree always took away all the water that nature gave him. When the sun was shining with light and warmth, the second tree enjoyed bathing in the golden rays, and the first took away only a small part.

Years passed. The branches and leaves of the first tree were so small that they could not absorb even a drop of rain, the sun’s rays can not get through to the meager fruits, lost in the crowns of other trees.

“All my life I give to others, and now in return I got nothing,” – quietly was repeating the tree again and again.

Near grew the second hero of our parable, luxury branches of which were richly decorated with large fruit.
“Thank you, my God, for everything that you gave me in this life. Now, years later, I want to give a hundred times more. Do as you do. Under my branches, I will give refuge to thousands of travelers from the sun or rain. My fruit will delight the taste of many generations. Thank you that you have given me this opportunity – to give, “- was saying the second tree.

Want to be happy?

Be thankful!

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