fairy tales for grown up

The light

Buddha was dying. For forty years he walked, and thousands followed him. Now he was dying. The disciples were all around him.

“This is my last day. If you have something to ask, ask. The hour has come when everyone should go his own way.” – He said.

The gloomy darkness enveloped the disciples of the Buddha. Ananda, the beloved disciple, began to cry like a child. Tears rolled from his eyes.

He struck himself in the chest, almost mad.

“What are you doing, Ananda?” Asked the Buddha.

“What do we do now? – Answered Ananda. – You were here, we walked in your light. Everything was safe and good. We completely forgot that there is darkness.”

“In following you, everything was light. Now you’re leaving. What should we do?” – And he again began to cry and weep.

“Listen,” – answered the Buddha. – “For forty years you’ve been walking in my world and you did not reach me. Do you think that if I lived another forty years, would you reach your light? The longer you go in borrowing light, the more you imitate, the more you lose. I’d better leave.”

The last words that came down from the mouth of the Buddha were:

“Be your own light.

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