fairy tales for grown up

Three important questions


The king of one country aspired to all wisdom.

There was going rumors that there is a certain hermit who knows the answers to all the questions.

The king came to him and sees; a decrepit old man, that digs a garden.
He jumped off the horse and bowed to the old man.

“I came, to get an answer to three questions;
1. Who is the most important person on earth?
2. What is the most important thing in life?
3. Which day is more important than all others?”

The hermit did not answer and continued to dig.
Then the king undertook to help him.

Suddenly the king sees a man walking along the road with his whole face is covered with blood.
The king stopped him and consoled him with a kind word then he brought water from the stream, washed and bandaged the wounds of the traveler.
After that, he took him to the hermit’s shack and put him to bed.

The next morning he found the hermit again in the garden.

“The hermit,” – pleaded the king, – “can you, answer my questions?”

“You answered them already,” – said he.

“How?” – The king was amazed.

“Seeing my old age and infirmity, you took pity on me so you volunteered to help,” – said the hermit. – “While you were digging up, I was the most important person for you, and helping me was the most important thing for you. A wounded man appeared and his need was sharper than mine.
And he has become for you the most important person and helping him was the most important thing.
It turns out that the most important person is someone who needs your help. And the most important thing is the good that you are doing to him.”

“Now I can answer my third question: what day in a person’s life is more important than others,” – the king said. – The most important day is today.”

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