fairy tales for grown up

The dispute

In one monastic school, was a very strict mentor.
Among the other students he had two boys: the hard worker Suta and the lazy Bala.

Suta was working very hard studying and even in the allotted for rest time was busy in sweeping the monastery yard, cut the grass, bringing water and cleaned the dress of the teacher.

Ball, on the other hand, was thought to be a frivolous fellow.
During the lessons, usually he slept and when everyone was cleaning, he tried to hide somewhere in a secluded place and continued sleeping.

Bala, once greeting Sutu in the garden, asked him:
“Well, Suta, tell me, how much is one plus two?”

“Three.” – replied Suta.

“Although you are studying so much and are close to the teacher, there’s no use to it, – Bala continued, – you do not know anything. One plus two is two.”

Suta began to prove his point of view, and in the end, the boys was arguing.
The teacher was passing by.

“What happened?” – asked he.

“Bala asked me how much will be one plus two. I answered that is three but he claims that one plus two is two. So we were arguing because of this.” – replied Suta.

“Does Suta speak the truth?” – Asked Balu to the teacher.

“Yes.” – The teacher confirmed.

Then, he took in his hands a large palm branch and whipped the right hand of Suta.

“I’m telling the truth, I counted correctly. Why are you punishing me?” – asked Suta confused.

“There are people who simply make mistakes, – the teacher said instructively. – There also are stubborn, stupid people.
But even more unbearable are those who try to argue with them.
Here, a real example: convinced that you were right nevertheless you joined Bala in a dispute.
Who of you is more stupid?”

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