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Can we clear Karmic Debts?

While it is true that we have no control over whether we experience, what we do have control over is how we handle and respond to it.
It is possible to stand apart from the karma, while still experiencing it.

In every moment, we have access to an infinity of choices. Some choices are made consciously, while others are made unconsciously.

Unfortunately, a lot of our choices are made unconsciously, and therefore we don’t think they are choices — and yet, they are. As a result of conditioning, our choices are often triggered by people and circumstances into predictable outcomes.

The best way to use karmic law is to step back and witness the choices we are making in every moment.
When we make any choice, we should to ask ourselves two things:
_ “What are the consequences of this choice?”
_ “Will the choice I’m making bring happiness to me and to those around me?”

There is always one choice that will create maximum happiness both for us and for those around us. This choice is the spontaneous right action because it’s the action that nourishes us and everyone else who is influenced by that action.


If someone were to insult us, we would most likely make the choice of being offended. On the oposite if someone were to pay us a compliment, we would most likely make the choice of being flattered.

And here is the alternative: we could make the choice of not being offended by an insult and as well we could make the choice of not letting a compliment flatter us either.

In creating this distance between the experience and identification with the experience, we reach a state of equanimity. In such a state, we can handle both success and failure with the same steady state of mind and not be affected by the outcome.

Accepting both positive and negative karma with the same attitude leads to closure of that particular debt. Deal with both with equanimity and take full responsibility for what is happening in our life.

How is known, nearly everything in our life is following the law of karma. Every action of the past has already created a result in the form of karma, and it is unfolding in our life right now.

If the result or consequence has already been pre-determined by the causes, does that mean that our life is pre-determined and if it is karma that shapes our lives, why even bother with self-effort?

While it is true Karma has already been set in motion, and there is no escape from experiencing it, self-effort and individual will play a crucial role in shaping our lives.

Cause and effect are two sides of the same coin. If we look linearly, it is easy to understand that the past has resulted in the present and that the present will shape the future.

But when we pierce through the dimensions of space and time, there is no past, present, and future, where all there is in the now.

The present has shaped the past. The future will shape the present. Envisioning the future and acting in accordance will shape the present.

It is only through awareness, self-effort, and surrendering our actions to the laws of the univers we can be better prepared to deal with the inevitable karma we are experiencing and are yet to experience.

By self-effort, we can create a distance between the experience and the one experiencing, which will reduce its impact. With self-effort and discipline, we can stop creating further karmas.

We see that where there is law, there is a guiding intelligence behind the law. Thus there is a law-making and guiding intelligence superior to what we experience within ourselves or our actions.
By many is know as God and perhaps God is a good as name for such a superior or supremely powerful intelligence.

Newton, that in the popular imagination is most closely associated with an apple and the law of gravity, warned that his discovery of gravity and laws of motion did not imply a simplistic mechanical-clock type understanding of the universe devoid of a greater hidden force underlying the functioning of the universe.

He said, “Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. God governs all things and knows all that is or can be done.”

2 thoughts on “Can we clear Karmic Debts?”

  1. Your karma is balanced when you allow yourself to be released from these dense limiting grids that bound the Earth..this can only be done through the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with Caeayaron the Divine Alignment Master. Please research this more at


    1. Sorry to contradict you but karma can be balanced in one case only|: a real disinterested sacrificial that will cover all the debts.
      Otherwise, nothing can help, also, it cannot be canceled.
      In extreme situation, it can be stopped for a certain time by someone with enough power to do that… but only that.


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