from a spiritual point of view

Karma debts

Have a look at your life, and first identify the people and actions that you feel most compelled to interact with. There is probably karmic debt there, either positive or negative.

For most people having or don’t having a relationship and the validity of it depends on the karma.
Is fair to say that sometimes there are some other reasons for the relationship.

This explains part of the loneliness of the oldest souls, who have completed almost all of their major karmas and so must rely on other methods to attract and maintain relationships.

Karmic debt is the unrealized Karma, both “good” and “bad,” that you owe to others or that others owe to you.

The simple answer is they are the accumulation of bad things you have done, that if the universe were fair would come back to haunt you; or if you are owed a karmic debt, the accumulation of bad things other people have done to you, that if the universe were fair you would be repaid for.

Grand part of the action-reaction-responses that we experience in life is from the force our karmic debt accumulations (karma quotient).
These are said to include the results of all activities that one does in any state, whether in knowledge, ignorance or by chance, accident or otherwise. In other words, all work, activity or energy debts are karmic (action) debts.

Things continue to happen in a particular direction, or we tend to act in a particular way unless greater force induces us to act differently, and this leads to action-reaction cycle continuing endlessly–in perpetuity. And, whatever we do, has an equal and opposite reaction, or in conversational idiom: what goes around comes around. This is ‘karmic debt’ to be collected or paid off in due time.

Karmic Debts are the incentive to stay here and play.
To balance out the accumulations of action-reaction, the individual consciousness needs to ‘re-incarnate’ since the results of the actions cannot balance out in one lifetime.

Present relationships in your life may be a continuation of relationships between souls in other lifetimes. If you owe someone something, the law of karma ensures that the debt is paid off. It also ensures that others pay what they owe to you. This deficit is called Karmic Debt. Its repayment may happen in this lifetime or other lifetimes.

Karmic debt occurs in various forms. Sometimes it is financial; sometimes it is based on love, other times on anger or revenge, on helping someone, on deceiving someone. In other words, karmic debt encompasses the whole spectrum of human interactions.

think of Karma as chaining a soul to an earthly body and preventing it from merging with the supreme consciousness to the fullest possible extent. Where bad Karma is akin to iron chains, good Karma is like a golden chain.

Regardless of the nature of the binding, your soul is still bound.
Good karma may bring happiness and comforts, and bad karma may bring about suffering. But you are in chains either way.

Clearing of Karmic Debt is the freeing of the soul from all its earthly bondage, so that it may soar and merge with the infinite Divine.
So long as there is a karmic debt owed by you or owed to you, you are subject to the law of Karma – the law of action and consequence.

Every action carries within it the seed of consequences.
Where you are in life now is the cumulative effect of all your Karmas. While it may appear that one cannot escape the laws of Karma, it is still possible to transcend this seemingly never-ending cycle.

So it’s healthy to have a clear idea of whether you’re doing good or evil in the world even if you don’t want to call it karmic debts.

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