fairy tales for grown up

A habit

A big library burnt down a long time ago.
Only one manuscript survived.

For many years the manuscript rested in the depths of the bookshop, and no one paid attention to it, until one day when the shop owner changed.

The new owner sorted out the scrolls, books, manuscripts, and got rid of the unnecessary. So this manuscript felt into the hands of an accidental beggar.

Before lighting a fire with it to keep warm, he wonders what it was about.

In the manuscript was written: “The man who finds a hot stone on the beach, will find everything in life that he dreamed of”

The beggar decided that he had nothing to lose, and went to the sea.
So he started to lift stone by stone, but they all were cold, and he threw them into the sea.

Days, weeks, months, years have passed.
And, behold, one day, with a trembling hand he touched a hot stone.

He picked it up and, out of habit, threw it into the sea.

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