fairy tales for grown up

The secret

One reporter once asked a farmer whether he could share the secret of his corn, which year after year won all the competitions for quality.

The farmer answered that the whole secret is that he gives out the best cobs for seeding to all his neighbors.

“What sense have to distribute the best grain to neighbors, if they constantly, along with you, participate in all competitions and are competitors?” – asked the reporter confused.

“You see, – the farmer smiled. – The wind carries pollen from my fields to the fields of neighbors, and vice versa. If neighbors have worse grades than mine, my crops will soon deteriorate.
And how each of us will take care of their crops is another matter.”

Similar things happen also in people’s lives.
Anyone who wants to be successful must take care of others and help them achieve success.
Because if life is better for people around, the better is for ourself.

We are all interconnected in this world.

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