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Woman + Men = Can it work?

Where is a sad ending there is always a sad beginning.

Each of us has a unique purpose, and all start by accepting and allow oneself the right to live a life that one feels.
It seems a simple but at the same time hardly feasible task.

A difficult task because from birth we have to deal with the patterns, the ones that were convenient to our parents, society. The ones that explain to the “little man” how to feel, what to want, think, eat, wear, what he wants to be and with who he wants to be friendly or not.

Contrary to most popular belief is difficult to give to the term “education” a positive meaning. It seems more forced self-defense of adults and their unconscious desire to manipulate other people’s life and subconsciousness, generated by the lack of genuine freedom and self-doubt.


The situation of women was always different from the one of men.

From the very birth, a woman is a woman, “a little one” but a woman.
Men as such in comparison are formed gradually or others never reach the desired level.

Since from the birth, a little girl behaves as women. Therefore, it is difficult to please them from a young age.
The biggest problem for many women is their discontent that in most cases are due to the fact that they really do not know what they want, and not because they change their mind often.
Even when they have a concrete idea of life, it is so unrealistic that they remain disappointed.

And the most important is the loss of femininity which is the women first nature. It has been forbidden in many cases with the excuse that it can only do damage and that in order to complete the expectations of society one should show strength not femininity.

The women nature is to live following their feelings, intuitively.
Living in this way now, in our society, is almost impossible.
Consequently; discontent, stress, irritation, misunderstanding, confusion, inner emptiness this is what a woman is experiencing from the really early age.

That force her to adjust to the requirements of the family, society, environment. So she is not brought up based on her true nature but the existing standard.

She grows up feeling her inadequacy, often not finding the reason for it.
That leads to her emotional imbalance, which in the future will affect her behavior and health.


As for men, they are more relaxed from the very childhood.
They live in the real world, and not in the imaginary as many women.

Men are by nature simple. And many of them don’t change much during their life.

They manage to adapt to different life situations, without losing themselves.
And this is one of “men qualities” that make women so nervous.
Many of them even living in dramatic situations, will stand up to the last, until the woman makes a decision.

And this is not because of their affection or connection, but they are simply afraid of change, of uncertainty. It is more convenient for them to adapt than to change something.

Most men never really grow up, inside they remain children.
Only their toys change, but they do not stop playing.

While women have never really been children practically.
They very rarely played only for fun, they always had a goal, a project.

So creating an alliance with a man, a woman does not so connect it with him in particular, as with the realization of her project.

When the man, he just wants to enjoy this new game.


At first, everything is fine, as both are interested to make a good impression and to impress the other.
But with the passing of the time, one of them or both just relax, getting tired of playing or lose patience and then the reality invades their life.

It can be said that the cold war is over and the real one has begun.
After all, most of the relationships are similar to a war.

We coming into this world alone and die alone.
Many of people are born not to create unions, to marry, to devote their lives to one or to another … even to children.
They are here just to live their life, not someone else’s, listen to themselves, their nature and not follow the masses.

To live with someone because it is associated with wonderful feelings is normal. But it is not natural to make yourself live not your life.
Devote your life to someone it must be your inner decision, your instinct, and in no case an obligation.

So when you decide to share your life with someone it has to be your personal choice. Nobody should to forces you. So be intelligible and honest with yourself and with your partner. What is the true motive of your union?

The decision to be or not to be happy is just your decision. And if you do not like something, just be honest with yourself and change it. And do not continue to poison your life and others.


The secret of love for another begins when you look at it without wanting to possess it, without the desire to dominate it, without the desire to use its gifts or its personality in any way – but only look and be amazed at the beauty that you discovered.

Most often it happens the contrary. Often people think that it is possible to study a person, to see through him all his possibilities, to compile a project and then get a person to match this project without giving nothing in return.

It is a mistake and a crime that individual people do in families, and human societies, and ideological groups of both believers and non-believers.

In families, this sometimes acquires a tragic aspect. Parents know in advance what the happiness of their children is, and make them be happy as they think they should be happy.

This applies to marriages, this also applies to friendships: “No, I know what is more useful for you, I know what’s best for you.”

And the unfortunate victim of this murderous and suffocating love, often shout without being heard: “Stop loving me but give me freedom!”


The union or any kind of relationship between a women and men have to taken seriosly based of the simple circumstance that they are very diferent.

There is a teory that compare a man to the sun and the woman to the moon.
At first I was strongly desagry with it, but with passing of time I can say that it is very close to realty.

Based on it a perfect union between a woman and a men is based on understand where is a woman’s strength is, because this make the world to spin.

History shows that every great man has had a great woman behind him.

And the women strength is to “contain” the man; not to be with a man, with the love of a man, with the hatred of a man, but it is to contain the man.

A female contains the male and “cools it.” The sun is the light, the heat, the woman is a light, cold, but the light is the same, only the sun has the light, and the moon has its reflection. And it’s not a small thing!

First, there was the feminine energy, creative energy, the lunar energy, with the sun only the seed rises and the sun ripens the seed … but the ripe fruit, the expansion, the growth, the size, all this depends on the feminine, from the moon, is lunar. … how is the woman.
Suppose the sun and the moonlight were the same then this earth would be, a glowing lava.

And a woman like a moon does not only have to reflect the sunlight but “must” cool a man. Not reflecting the warmth of a man, but doing ” to cool ” she will activate the feelings, the reflexive mind in him.

So every woman who wants to be with a man and can not reflect it is a dead woman. If the moon does not reflect the sun it’s a dead moon, it’s a dead body.

Women are just made like this, in continue search. If a woman does not reflect the man she loves, she will reflect the man she hates or will reflect the man who knows, or will reflect the man that is about to know, or will reflect the man she left before.


This doesn’t mean to be a slave to a man or to compromise the proper values for a man, and even to refer ownselves to any man.
But if a woman wants a good relationship and be successful, then have to be ready to reflect and cool a man, a man that correspond with her nice life project.

Pure reflection, that’s how the woman should be, it’s like the moon is. Sometimes it reflects the fullness, sometimes it reflects only a little, but it is the only reflection, which puts the caliber of a woman to love, to please, to be cured, to be proud of her mind, to present it as a soft light.

Every other aspect and need of the woman will be procured by the man if she can convince him and show that she can reflect him.
This can be ideal for both, by finding an equilibrium of their needs and harmony.


Of course is not easy to be achieved this kind of relationship in today society, where both men and women are lost and have to find their true nature first of all.

In finding the “one” can really help the theory of the numbers.
This consist in dividing people on a 10-point scale, depending on their level of development such as personal and spiritual, interests and culture.
And then 9, for example, will never be happy with 5 or some bottom number other than those close to it, that is 8,9, 10.
Otherwise too much difference in the perception of the world.

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