fairy tales for grown up

Good or bad

One African king had a close friend with whom he grew up together.
This friend, was considering any situation that ever happened in his life, whether positive or negative, by saying: “It’s good!”

Once the king was hunting. The friend was preparing and loading as usual the guns for the king.
Obviously, he did something wrong, preparing one of the guns.
When the king took a shotgun from his friend and fired it, his thumb was torn off.

Examiing the situation, a friend as usual said: “It’s good!”

To this the king replied: “No, this is not good!” – and ordered that his friend to be sent to prison.

About a year later, the king hunted in an area in which he could, in his opinion, be completely safe.

But the cannibals took him prisoner and brought him to their village along with the rest. They tied his hands, pulled a bunch of firewood, set up a pillar and tied the king to the pillar.

When they came closer to spread the fire, they noticed that the king doesn’t had a thumb. Because of their superstition, they never ate someone who had deficient in the body.

Unleashing the king, they let him go.
Returning home, he remembered the case when he lost his thumb, and felt a pang of conscience for his treatment to his friend.

He immediately went to prison to talk to him.

“You were right, – he said, – it was good losing my thumb.”

And he told everything that had just happened to him.

“I’m very sorry that I put you in jail, it was bad for my part.”

“No, – said his friend, – that’s good!”

“What are you saying? Is it good that I planted my friend for a whole year in jail?” – asked the king surprised.

“If I were not in prison, I would have been there with you.” – replied his friend.

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