fairy tales for grown up


The students came to visit their old teacher. Of course, soon the conversation turned to life – the students complained of numerous difficulties and life problems.

Suggesting his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a coffee pot and a tray, filled with a variety of cups – porcelain, glass, plastic, crystal and simple, and expensive, and exquisite.

When the graduates took out the cups, the professor said: “If you notice, all the expensive cups are dismantled.

Nobody chose a simple cup and cheap.
The desire to have only the best for yourself is the source of your problems.

Understand that the cup itself does not make coffee better. Sometimes it’s just more expensive, and sometimes even hides what we drink.

What you really wanted was coffee, not a cup. But you deliberately chose the best cups. And then you looked at who got the better than you.

And now think: life is the coffee, and work, money, position, society are the cups. These are just tools for keeping Life.

The kind of cup we have does not determine and does not change the quality of our Life.

Sometimes, concentrating only on a cup, we forget to enjoy the taste of the coffee itself.
Enjoy your coffee !!! ”

The happiest people do not have the best. But they extract all the best from what is.

Happiness is to want what you have. And not to have what you want.

Life is short: break stupid rules, farewell quickly, kiss slowly, love sincerely, laugh uncontrollably… And never regret what made you smile.

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