fairy tales for grown up

The secret.

There was one man who had avoided marriage all his life, and when he was dying at the age of ninety years, someone asked him:

“You never married, but you never said why. Now, standing on the threshold of death, satisfy our curiosity. If there is any secret, at least now open it – because you are dying, leaving this world.
Even if your secret is known, will not do any harm to you.”

The old man replied:
“Yes, I have one secret. Not that I was against marriage, but I was always looking for the perfect woman. I spent all my time searching, and so my life flew by.”

“But is it possible that on the whole vast planet, populated by millions of people, half of whom are women, you could not find one ideal woman?” – asked the questioner surprised.

A tear rolled down the cheek of the dying old man. He replied:
“No, I found one.”

The questioner was completely bewildered.
“Then why did you not got married?”

And the old man replied: “That woman was looking for the perfect man …”

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