fairy tales for grown up

The price

To one farmer stopped working the tractor.
All attempts by the peasant and his neighbors to repair it was in vain.

Finally, he called a specialist. He examined the tractor, tried how the starter works, lifted the hood and checked everything carefully.

Then he took the hammer, aimed, once hit the motor and put it into action.
The motor began to run as if it had not been spoiled.

When the master submitted the bill to the peasant, he, looking at him in surprise, and with indignation, he asked:
“Do you want one hundred coins only for one blow with a hammer?”

“My dear friend,” – replied the master, – “I only asked for one coin for a hammer blow, and I take the remaining ninety-nine coins from you for my knowledge, thanks to which I corrected the breakdown by making just one blow to the right place.”

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