fairy tales for grown up

The facts

“Today, we going to study the ceremony of the tea ceremony,” – said the teacher, and gave his disciples a scroll in which the subtleties of the tea ceremony were described.

The students went into reading, and the teacher went to the park and sat there all day, praying and meditating.

The students had time to discuss and learn everything that was written on the scroll.

Finally, the teacher returned and asked the students what they had learned.

“This is what we learned about tea, the drink of the gods: The white crane washes the head – this means rinsing the kettle with boiling water,” – the first student said with pride.

“A Bodhisattva enters the palace – which means putting tea in the kettle,” – added the second.

“The jet warms the kettle – that means, fill the kettle with boiling water,” – picked up the third.

So the students one by one told the teacher all the details of the tea ceremony.

Only the last student did not say anything.

He took the kettle, made tea in it according to all the rules of the tea ceremony and served the teacher with tea.

“Your story was the best,” – the teacher praised the last student. – You have pleased me with tasty tea, and by comprehending an important rule: “Do not talk about what you read, but about what you understand.”

“Teacher, but this student has not said anything at all,” – someone remarked.

“The facts always speak louder than words,” – was the teacher replied.

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