fairy tales for grown up

The fate

It was snowing. The weather was windless, and big fluffy snowflakes circled leisurely in a bizarre dance, slowly approaching the ground.

Two snowflakes, that were flying alongside, decided to start a conversation. Afraid of losing each other, they joined their hands, and one of them cheerfully said:

“How good it is to fly, I enjoy the flight!”

“We do not fly, we just fall,” – the second replied sadly.

“Soon we will meet with the earth and turn into a white fluffy veil!” – happily tried to encourage his friend the first snowflake.

“No, we are going towards death, and on the ground, we will simply be trampled,” – continued complaining the second.

“We will become streams and rush to the sea. We will live forever!” Said the first cheerfully.

“No, we will melt and disappear forever,” objected the second.

Finally they were tired of arguing.

They opened their hands, and each flew towards the fate that she chose.

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