fairy tales for grown up

Being in Right.

There are two different families in the neighboring houses.

In one are always quarreling, while in the other always have silence and mutual understanding.

Once, envying a peaceful neighbor’s family, the wife tells her husband:
“Go to the neighbors and see what they do, that they are always all right.”

He went, hid and watched. Then he sees a woman washing the floors in the house, suddenly something distracted her, and she ran into the kitchen.

At this time her husband had to go home urgently. He did not notice the bucket of water, caught it and the water spilled.

Then the wife came, and started to apologize to her husband, saying:
“Forgive me, dear, I’m to blame.”

“No, I’m sorry, is my fault.” – said the husband kissing her.

The hided man got even more upset and went home.

At home, his wife asks him:
“Well, did you find out something?”

“Yes!” – said sadly the man.

“Well?” – the wife didn’t resist anymore.

“Got it! Here we both always are RIGHT, but there, both are in the Wrong.” – replied desperately the husband.

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