from a spiritual point of view

Religion and Faith.

“Fear was the first to create the Gods of the world”, this peremptory statement attributed to Petronius, from others to Stazio, can be used as an emblematic synthesis of all theories on the practical-emotional origin of religion.

The unmet needs, the precariousness of existence and the anguishing mystery of pain and death would find a compensatory response to religion.
“Religion derives from the religiosity of men, where religiosity is to believe that everything originated from a divine world that sustains the life of all and gives it meaning”.

Religion is a possession of powers superior to man, considered capable of directing and controlling the course of nature and of human life.

In every cult, it contains magical actions and all the invocations (or prayers) intentionally constitute a form of pressure on the external reality. (in events like a plague, an earthquake, a famine, a war, today … please, the priests invoke the deities to defeat evil, ask for indulgence, yesterday …. the sorcerers did the same with countless magical practices, adorations, rituals)imagesfgjh
Illustrating the various forms of these magical practices that began already in ancient times, we find;

The “natural religion” (through its own reason) that is defined so because man recognizes the existence of a Something superior to him and thinking of meeting him in the forces of nature submits his life to the adoration and veneration of these forces.

The “supernatural religion” instead identifies the divinity with a being superior to nature, which is considered, creator, father and judge of the actions of men, and who lives in an otherworldly dimension.

The “revealed religion”. We find ourselves before a revealed religion (we consider the revealed religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) when God searches for man and manifests himself, that is, he takes away the “veil” (= revelation) of the mystery that separates him from men, provides (through his beloved: cohanim, priests, immanimators of relationships with the divinity) of the answers to the fundamental questions of life, and reveals to each person his origin and his destiny and shows them the path of good and of happiness.
The “revealed” is the adherence to the word of a God who purports to be revealed in history by speaking through a person who claims to speak in his name (prophet)
The “revealed” is a monotheist, that is, who believes in one God, as in Judaism, in Christianity, in Islam.
In these three, it is accepted to trust certain men who, over the course of the centuries, presented themselves as “the spokesman of a God”. – In Judaism (Moses and the Prophets); in Christianity (Jesus of Nazareth); in Islam (Muhammad)

The “polytheistic religion”. It is called polytheist when one believes in the presence of more deities. ( yesterday the gods of ancient Greece, and still today Hinduism in India and Shinto in Japan.)

All religions began with a shaman leader, a sorcerer, or a prophet; if followed by some disciples and together they formed a sect, the sect that succeeded in gathering a large number of followers became a religion (whose “priests” then create a rear of the dogmas).

In a world in which libertarian ideologies flourish, the denunciation of repression and a fight against taboos, there are still hundreds of thousands, of religions, doctrines, philosophical schools, beliefs, sects, tribal cultspracticed on earth…

And it should not be forgotten that the taboo is originally a typically religious institution.
The taboo is really helpful in controlling and manipulating the mass.

When made independently, in the first person, religion gives you excellent health, well-being, a celebration of life, joy and ecstasy, but unfortunately this is not the real situation.


When a child is born, he is innocent. Being born into a particular family he usually takes the religion of the family without asking for anything or choosing anything consciously.

A child just has trust in the father, the mother, the brothers and sisters, the older people. He has no basis for thinking that they are all lying to him. They love him, how can they lie to him? And it’s a complex fact …

When people lie about the highest truths, they do it without realizing it. Without having a direct experience of their own, they charge the children of this garbage – which will hinder the evolution of the child, the purity of his awareness.
It is a love without awareness. They do not know what they are doing. The parents did it to them, and they only repeat it.

In this way, a generation passes all its diseases to the next generation. And for centuries stupid ideas of all kinds have prevailed; they survived because there are people who believe in them. They are ready to die and kill for these ideas, even if this is just inventions.

In most cases, the religion only becomes a label, and these labels become pathological. Why? Because the inner reality and the label are totally different.

Deep down a person is one thing and on the surface, he’ll keep pretending something else. This is the root of all the neuroses, the trigger factor. So, religion has become pathological: based on imitation, religion creates pathology, a neurotic world.

If your religion is only borrowed, it will create problems in your life: in fact, it will be against life. At every moment, you will perceive it in antagonism: it will turn you into a masochist, you will begin to torture yourself because you will always find yourself in conflict with your religion. What to do? You will feel guilty. Every moment of your life will become a moment of guilt.

Take anything and you will find a religion that condemns it. These convictions do not allow you to live a full life. And when you cannot live a full life, you will never know what God is because God can only be contacted in fullness: when your flame is vivid, and you are a pulsating energy fire.

Unfortunately, the so-called religions do not allow this. They cripple, shrink and only allow a person to live to a minimum, where only primary needs must be met. The religions do not teach you to overflow but to become more and more limited.

People are here to grow spiritually. And this cannot be without experiencing opportunities that life gives. Being full of taboo and fear of failing or making mistakes just paralyzed a person not leaving him a choise, and the oportunity do what realy feel.



Religion is first of all the set of beliefs that explain on the one hand the relations of being and the world, on the other hand of being and of the spirit. These beliefs, though formed on identical data, can take different forms, that just divide the people.

When the Faith has no particular content, what the mystics of all countries and all times have shown well. Because the mystic tries to transcend the appearance, the temporary, to reach the source of everything.

All the religions of the world have built the minds of people on faith but many people are religious without having Faith.
Faith is what remains when every belives disappears. Faith cannot be expressed just felt.

“Faith consists in believing what reason cannot.”
― Voltaire

When one has a real Faith he finds the harmony within himself and the world.
This doesn’t mean that he cannot be tormented by events, but that he accepts them, and meantime will be doing his best to contribute to the universal well-being.
Puting the universal well-being before his one.

We live in a very complex world where the grand part is unseen … so-called invisible world. And what a person usually thinks that perceives as reality often aren’t so real.

So-called “reality” is much rich than someone imagination.
And it cannot be seen from the grand part, this is, simply to protect them because they are not ready yet for it. Is easier to feel the unseen world than seeing.

Only the true Faith can guide one through this unknown universe and his rules.


We all are one and meantime all are different. Our energy is different and this determinant our state and our life position.

People need to believe in something more powerful than them, this is innate.
But Believing and having Faith is not the same.

Having Faith is taking responsibility for your decisions knowing that you are a part of something more powerful important than you.
When Believing/Religion often is associated with simply follow the rituals and waiting for some rewards.

Because of this, there is not much gratitude in prayers but so many requests.

People are doing nothing to improve there situation apart waiting for a miracle, forgetting that God like the ones that move forward and not the ones that just wait uselessly wayisting there time.

“When you get to the end of all the light you know and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.”
― Edward Teller

Going forward often is associated with stumbling and falling, making mistakes, getting lost, despair … but this does not have to be a motto to stop.

This is the only way to find yourself and Faith, if you are not among the “lucky ones” who were already born with a very high level of spirituality.


” If you are lucky, you will be left alone. All alone, when no one is around and you will have to look for support in yourself.
If you are lucky and it will be at the right time, life will hit you, to crack like a nut and get the core.

If you are lucky and will be the right time, you will be hurt. It will hurt so much that this pain will almost make you die, and then help to be reborn from within.

If you are lucky, you will cry. And these tears cannot be contained. And through them, liberation will come, and then a real life.

If you are lucky, you will be vulnerable to other people. And you cannot hide it. And then you will understand who is with you and who is not.

If you are lucky, you will not know the answers to the questions. And then you will have to invent something yourself.

If you are lucky, you will be disappointed in people, ideas, teachers and good wizards. And after experiencing this, you will look at the real world.

If you are lucky and will have the right time, you will not have anyone to ask for advice. Absolutely no one. And you’ll have to find an internal compass.

If you are lucky and will be the right time, you will be unbearable, so that you have to do something with this or just relax and let the world to do something with you.

If you are lucky, you will lose, deceive, be betrayed and almost crushed. And this “almost” will be imprinted on the face with wrinkles of wisdom. And experience will remain with you for life.

If you are lucky, you will not have any money left. And you will have to enter into real relationships with people who previously could simply pay.

If you are lucky, you will have a lot of money, and you will comprehend the depth of despair when the illusion that happiness is in them will be blown.

If you are lucky, not everyone will love you. And you need to adjust the internal value system. A desire to please everyone will let go of your throat.

If you are lucky, someone close will turn away from you. And you will know the price of the moments of happiness.

If you are lucky, you will come across your loved ones, face to face. And there will be two truths. Them and yours. And you will feel the ringing space between the individual universes, which hardly touch.

If you are lucky, you will stand it.
And you will find a way to transform yourself.
Experiencing that inner alchemy that makes beauty painful.
Out of anger, humility.
Out of fear of accomplishment.
And out of joy an inspiring example.
Guilt and shame will be scrubbed from the Soul as old garbage.
And the scars will turn into doors.
If you are lucky and will be the right time …”

_ Aglaya Dateshidze

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