fairy tales for grown up

The two buckets.

A man had two buckets, and in one of them, there was a crack.

For two years, he was carrying water home, when one bucket was always full, the other half was empty because the water was seeping through the crack along the road.

The whole bucket was very proud of its integrity, but the bucket with a crack was ashamed that it could hold only half the water along the road.

Unable to withstand the shame, the bucket spoke to the water-carrier:
“I’m a loser. I’m inept, my existence is ridiculous and pointless. Because of the crack, I can not hold water … Why do not you throw me out?”

And the man answered the holey bucket:
“Did you see the flowers at the side of the road, along which I carry water? They grow only on the side where the water is spilled. But on the other hand is only dust. You did not know that I deliberately planted the flower seeds on the road, knowing about your “lack – a crack. For two years now I am decorating these dwellings with flowers for the joy of my beloved.”

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