fairy tales for grown up

The tea

One day a middle-aged man came to the Master.
“Dear, I ask you for advice. I have pretty well adjusted my life. I have my own shop, I live in a good house, I have wonderful friends and I have long forgotten about the myriad of small everyday problems that bothered me before.
But I still can not create a strong and harmonious family. I want to find a caring and sensitive woman with a virtuous character, so that she will become my faithful and loving wife.
In my search, I became acquainted and approached with many women, and inevitably disappointed in them the faster, that they fascinated me at first. With sadness I came to the conclusion that all women are the same and do not cost a tenth of my ideal.
Is it not destined for me to find a companion of life, which I really like? How then do other people get it?”

“I see that you really want what you ask for and therefore I will help you. But I will need to reflect on the answer. Come to me tomorrow night.” – replied the Master.

On this they said goodbye and the next evening the merchant came to Master home.

“I’m going to make tea now, and while I’m preparing the water, make yourself comfortable. We will have something to talk about.” – with this, the Master invited him in.

“Thank you, Master. Even just being with you in the same house is a great honor for me.” – answered the trader.

“Perhaps you will tell me some story from your past that led you to such sad conclusions about the female character?” – continued the Master.

And the trader talked about his very first love.
When he finished the story, it was already dusk outside the window.

Not a word the Master uttered for the whole time of the story – only nodded his head thoughtfully several times.

“You told a very interesting story. But today I can not answer your question. Go home and come back tomorrow at the same time.” – with this words, the Master accompanied the trader to the door.

Six times the merchant went to the Teacher and six times everything was repeated. He told him about his communication with young and mature women, poor and rich, clever and simple-hearted, handsome and plain, but it did not change anything.

The Master thanked each time for an interesting story and offered the trader to come next time.

Surprise of the trader was no limit, but on the seventh day, the traditional order was violated immediately after the end of the next story.

“I liked this story more than others! By the way, what tea did you most like to taste?” – interrupted him the Master.

“I’m looking for an answer to my question here, and I just did not pay attention to it.
As far as I remember, every time we drank green tea. What do you have in mind?” – the trader was confused.

“Breathe in the fragrance and enjoy it. Drink slowly, this will allow you to feel the whole variety of shades of taste.
If you carefully listen to your feelings, you will understand that one tea gives you clarity of thinking, another gives you a sense of ease, a third calms, and the fourth invigorates.
To notice this, you just need to give it enough time and attention.
In total during our meetings I made seven different sorts of tea.
Will you drink tea with me tomorrow night?” – continued the Master.

“Thank you for the invitation, Master, but now there is no need for it. You answered my question.” – thoughtfully the trader left.

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