fairy tales for grown up

The bet.

At the edge of the field stood Love and Separation and admired the young couple.

Separation says to Love: “I bet I’ll separate them!”

To which the Love replied: “Wait, let me make just one approach to them, and then you can approach them as much as you want. So and then we’ll see if you can separate them.”

Separation agreed. Love approached the young couple, touched them, looked into their eyes and saw a spark run between them…

Love departed and said: “Now it’s your turn.”

Separation replied: “No, now I cannot do anything, now their hearts are filled with love. I will come to them later.”

Time passed.
Separation looked into the house and saw a young mother with a baby, her father. Parting hoped that love had already passed, and therefore with hope crossed the threshold of their house.
But, looking into their eyes, she saw Gratitude.

Separation turned and said: “I will come to them later.”

Time passed, Separation again came to them – the children were playing in the house, the tired husband came from work, the mother calmed the children.

Parting hoped that now she could definitely separate them – for in this time both Love and Gratitude had long ago had to fade from their hearts.

But, looking into their eyes, she saw Respect and Understanding.

“I’ll drop by later,” – Separation said.

Time passed. and Separation came back to their house again.
She looks – the children are already adults, the gray-haired father explains something to his children, his wife is cooking something in the kitchen.

She looked into their eyes and sighed in disappointment: she saw in them the Trust.

“I’ll come later,” – Separation said and left.

Another time passed.
Separation looks again into the house – grandchildren are running around, an old woman is sitting by the fireplace.

Separation looks and thinks to himself: “Well, it seems, my time has come.”

She wanted to look into the old woman’s eyes, but she got up and left the house. Separation followed her.

Soon the old woman came to the cemetery and sat down by the grave.
It was the grave of her husband.

“It seems I’m late,” – Separation thought, – “time has done my work for me.”

And Separation looked into the old woman’s tearful eyes.
And in them, she saw Memory – the Memory of Love, Acknowledgment, Respect, Understanding, and Trust…

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