fairy tales for grown up

The treasure.

Once a lot of people decided to dig up a treasure.

They took all the necessary tools and went to look for it where it was supposed to be buried.

People have distributed throughout the territory and began excavations.

Some quickly got tired and thought that the treasure was not worth the effort.
Some found splinters of shingles and sometimes thought that this is a treasure.

Others enjoyed their work, thinking that this is the joy of finding.

Some looking at the abundance of stones and mud around, lost faith because they were weak in spirit.

There were many other people who felt different things, investing in work and time.

Time passed, forces exhausted and they became victims of delusions and fictions.

Those who were persistent, finally, found the treasure, unlike those who engaged in disputes and chatter.

Those who did not find the treasure dedicated the rest of their days to seeking explanations and excuses for this.

Confused and deceived, their wandered from one sage to another, asking what treasure it was, where it is now, and how to find it.

The sages, all as one, replied that the treasure would not be available to any of this these people until they become like those, who have succeeded in searching.

But many of them did not understand these words, they were sure that from the very beginning they had all the qualities: mind, body, and spirit, sufficient for the successful completion of searches.

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