fairy tales for grown up

The difference.

A man walked along the shore and suddenly saw a boy who raised something from the sand and threw it into the sea.

The man came closer and saw that the boy was lifting the stars from the sand. They surrounded him from all sides.

It seemed that on the sand are millions of sea stars, the shore was literally strewn with them for many kilometers.

“Why are you throwing these starfish into the water?” – Asked the man, coming closer.

“If they stay on the shore, they’ll die,” – the boy answered, continuing his occupation.

“But that’s just stupid! – Cried the man. – Look around! There are millions of sea stars here, the shore is just strewn with them. Your attempts will not change anything!”

The boy picked up the next starfish, thought for a moment, threw it into the sea and said:
“No, my attempts will make a difference … for this star.”

Then the man also picked up the star and threw it into the sea. Then one more.

By the night on the beach, there were a lot of people, each of whom picked up and threw a star at sea.
And when the sun rose, there was not a single unsaved soul left on the beach.

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