fairy tales for grown up

The rope

Once passing by elephants in the zoo, a man suddenly stopped, surprised that such huge creatures, like elephants, were kept in a zoo tied with a thin rope to their front leg. No chains, no cages.

It was obvious that elephants can easily get rid of the rope to which they are attached, but for some reason, they do not.

He approached the trainer and asked him why such majestic and beautiful animals just stand and do not attempt to free themselves.

The trainer replied: “When they were young and much smaller in size than now, we tied them with the same rope, they had tried to free themselves then, but without success.
And now when they are adults, it is enough to keep them with the same rope. Growing up, they believe that this rope can hold them and they do not try to escape.”

It was sad. These animals could at any time get rid of their “shackles”, but because they believed that they could not, they stood there forever, without trying to free themselves.

Like these elephants, how many of us believe that we will not be able to do anything, only because of what did not happen once?

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