fairy tales for grown up

The ability.

Once one of the notable people turned to the sage with the question:
“Tell me, dear, since you’re so clever, why are you not rich?”

To which the sage, turning to his expensive caftan, embroidered in gold, answered: “You see, my dear caftan, my wealth is inside, not outside.
After all, when your master falls asleep, he takes neither you nor his servants, neither gold nor anything else. And if he dreams of a tiger running after him, he will have to flee in fear of the tiger, and not call for help from servants.
He can be saved it in a dream from the tiger only by the ability to run fast.
If he dreams that he freezes in a frigid frost, he will shiver from the cold and cannot take and shelter you – a warm caftan.
It will save him from the cold only the ability to kindle a fire.
True wealth is our ability. They are inside, and outside are only their manifestation.”

The rich man was amazed that the sage speaks with his caftan, and not with him, exclaimed: “Yes, you are insane! How can you talk to my caftan and not see me – his master!”

To which the wise man, smiling, said: “That’s the way most people do. They talk with bodies and do not see those who are their masters.”

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