fairy tales for grown up

The day.

One day a disciple asked the Teacher:
“Teacher, tell me, is there a day that is most favorable for starting a new business?”

“Day? – The teacher was surprised.

“Well, maybe the day of the week or the day of the month …” – continued the disciple.

“Ah, a day of the week … – Teacher nodded. – Oh sure. This day is Wednesday,” – and looked slyly at the students.

They grabbed their notebooks and began to write down what Master had said.

“Why do not you record it?” – He asked severely the disciple, who was sitting directly and smiling, looking at Teacher.

“Because I know what you’ll say next, Teacher.” – replied he.

“And what?” – The teacher frowned and raised his hand, and all the students froze.

Then the student who did not write down said:
“It’s also Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.”

“You are right, – said the Teacher. – Only I wanted to name it first Friday, and then Tuesday.”

The students rustled, rejoicing that their friend had said almost everything correctly.

And then one of them asked:
“Teacher, is it such a sequence?”

The teacher looked attentively at the student, who gave an almost correct answer and made a sign to him:

“Only one day,” – he said -. “This day is today.”

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