fairy tales for grown up

Wait or go?

One day one Disciple asked the Master:
“Tell me, Master, how not to be mistaken, distinguishing true knowledge from false ones?”

“When walking in the desert, you see far, in front of you a beautiful oasis, what are you doing to find out if it’s real or a mirage, in front you?”

After thinking, the student replied:
“There are only two ways to check this: either go to this oasis or wait for the mirage to dissipate.”

“If it’s still a mirage, will not it dissipate in either case?” – asked the Master.

“Of course, it will dissipate!” – confirmed the Disciple.

“Then should you go to it?” – asked again the Master.

“No” – hesitating responded the Disciple.

“And if it is a real oasis, will it disappear if you go to it or just sit still?” – tried to reconfirm the Master.

“No, it will not disappear… It turns out, it’s always better to just wait!” – Exclaimed the Disciple with enthusiasm.

“Or still go?” – Asked the Master.

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