Child-parent relationship

The wind and his love.

The wind met a beautiful flower and fell in love with it.

While he tenderly caressed the flower, she responded to him with even greater love, expressed in color and scent.

But it seemed little to the wind, and he decided:
“If I give the flower all my strength and power, then she will give me something more.”

And he breathed on the flower with the powerful breath of his love.
But the Flower did not endure violent passion and broke.

The wind tried to pick it up and revive, but could not.
Then he calmed down and breathed on the flower with the gentle breath of love, but she faded before his eyes.

Then the Wind shouted:
“I gave you all the power of my love, and you broke! It seems that you did not have the power of love for me, which means you did not love me!”

But Flower did not answer. He died.

He who loves, must remember that it is not by force and passion that Love is measured, but by tenderness and a quivering attitude.
It is better to hold back ten times than to break once.

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