fairy tales for grown up

The payment.

Early in the morning, when the Master was walking with his disciples in the garden, a young man approached them.

Somewhat embarrassed, he greeted the Master and his disciples, and then asked: “Teacher, I love one girl very much, and our parents do not mind us being married, but I’m overcome by fears and doubts.”

“What are you worried about and afraid of,” the master asked.

“I’m afraid to be disappointed in her, in my family life … because I cannot know in advance that I am doing right,” – replied the peasant.

“Go home and marry this girl, if you love her and your love is mutual,” – the Master replied.

After the young man thanked the sage for advice, he left, a disciple asked:

“Tell me, Teacher, why did you advise the young man to marry, if he is afraid of disappointment. Should not he delay and postpone the marriage?”

“Reasoning in this way, you forget that disappointment is too small payment for a possible happiness,” answered the Master, smiling.

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