fairy tales for grown up

What is better…

One woman complained to a neighbor about a friend who had offended her.
The neighbor reassured her and persuaded her to forgive her friend.

“Forgive her?” But how is it? After what she did to me? She’s so mean! No, I cannot forgive evil, – said the woman. – And anyway, why should I love people who do not love me, why should I do good, when everyone deceives me around, betrays and makes dirty tricks?”

I’ll tell you a story,” – her neighbor tells her. – “There was a man in the world. And he asked Mother Nature to make it so that at night it would be light so he won’t have to light the candles, and that it was hot in winter so he will not have to light the fire in the stove.

But Mother Nature knows more about nature what and how it should be, so she did not heed the man’s requests.

The man was angry with her and decided:
“Well, then I will not turn on the lights at night and it will not shine you, as well. And in the winter I will not light the fire in the stove, either, so that it will not warm you with its warmth. I’ll even open the door so that there’s no heat left in the house, then you’ll see how cold it will be for you.”

“Well, he is a fool, – interrupted the neighbor story, the woman, – thinking that his light was shining for nature, and with his warmth nature could warm in a frigid frost. Poor fool! This was the first thing that he needed. And she – Mother Nature – will take care of herself.”

“So why you then, – asked a neighbor, – do the same?”

“I?” – the woman was surprised.

“Yes, you. Why do you extinguish the light of your love when darkness gathers around you, and why do not you light your hearth when the people’s hearts are chilling around?
Is not it better than sitting in the dark and waiting for someone to shine on you?
Light the light itself and shine both to yourself and others.
After all, then you yourself will see the way, and perhaps others will see it and go along it with you hand in hand.
And then to sit in the cold and wait while someone warms you, is it not better to kindle your heart and with its warmth warm yourself, and warm the hearts of other people, and then, you see, from their warmed hearts will not be so cold.

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