fairy tales for grown up

The dream.

In one poor village was born a boy.
He spent his days senselessly, mechanically and monotonously, as well as the rest of the inhabitants of this dying little village, not knowing what to do with one’s own life.

In one fine night, he dreamed of the sea. None of the villagers have ever seen the sea, so no one could confirm that somewhere in the world there is such an endless water.

And when the young man said that he was going to go to find the sea from his sleep, everyone called him a fool.

But he, despite everything, set off and wandered for a long time until he found himself at the fork in the road.

Here he chose the road that led directly, and a few days later he reached a village, the inhabitants of which led a quiet, secure life.

When the young man told them that he was traveling, dreaming of finding a sea, they began to convince him that he was wasting his time and it would be better for him to stay in this village and live as happily as everyone else.

For several years the young man lived in prosperity.
But one night he dreamed again of the sea, and he remembered his unfulfilled dream.

The young man decided to leave the village and start off again.
Saying goodbye to everyone, he returned to the fork of the road, and this time went in a different direction.

He walked a long time until he reached a big city.
He admired the city homes and diversity and decided to stay there.

He studied, worked, had fun and eventually completely forgot about the purpose of his journey.

However, a few years later he again saw the dream about the sea and thought that if he did not fulfill the dream of his youth, he would waste his life.

Therefore, he again returned to the fork and chose the third road that led him into the forest.

In a small clearing, the man saw a hut, and next to her was not a very young but beautiful woman, who was hanging the laundry.
She suggested that he could stay with her since her husband went to war and did not return. The man agreed.

For many years they lived happily, raised children, but one day our hero, who was already old, again had been visited by the dream about the sea.

And he left everything with which he was connected for many years, returned to the fork and set out on the last path, hitherto unknown to him, very steep and stony.

He walked with difficulty and began to fear that soon he would be completely out of his strength.

Caught at the foot of a big mountain, the old man decided to climb on it in the hope of seeing the sea from his dreams at least from afar. A few hours later, at the end of his strength, he reached the top of the mountain.

Before him stretched vast spaces: the old man saw a fork in the roads and a village in which the inhabitants lived a prosperous life, and the big city and the hut of a woman with whom he spent many happy years.

And in the distance, on the horizon, I saw a blue, boundless sea.

And before his tormented heart stopped, the touched old man, through the tears of regret, noticed that all the roads he had walked to led to the sea, but only none of them had gone to the end.

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